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Our Team

Our team is made up of highly experienced and skilled professionals from a variety of backgrounds. We are dedicated to delivering the best recruitment solutions for our clients and helping candidates reach their full potential. Our leadership brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring that Radley James remains at the forefront of global talent acquisition.

The Pillars of Exceptionalism

Unveiling the Radley James Team

At Radley James, we firmly believe that the essence of our success resides in the collective brilliance and unwavering dedication of our exceptional team. Our cadre of talent is not merely a workforce; it’s a symphony of expertise, passion, and commitment that propels us toward unparalleled achievements.

A Kinetic Fusion of Expertise and Passion

Leading our illustrious team is Paul Garrett, our esteemed CEO, whose resounding dedication and over two decades of industry experience epitomize our commitment to excellence. His unwavering vision and leadership serve as the cornerstone of our agency, steering us towards delivering the best possible service to our clients.

Under the seasoned guidance of our Partner, Managing Directors, and Directors, our recruiters are adept at navigating the intricate landscapes of the tech and finance sectors, leveraging their wealth of experience to unearth the most qualified candidates for our esteemed clients.

Crafting the Future of Recruitment

Each team member is not simply a professional; they are consultants, advisors, and trusted allies in the pursuit of propelling your organisation to new heights. Through their relentless dedication, they harmonise our clients’ unique ethos and aspirations with the exceptional talent that defines Radley James.

With an unwavering commitment to fostering enduring partnerships, our team has curated a proven track record of success across diverse industries and sectors, aligning countless organisations with candidates who have made indelible contributions to their fields.

The Backbone of Excellence

While our front-facing team orchestrates the perfect matches between clients and candidates, our back office team stands as the epitome of efficiency and support.

Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of our operations runs seamlessly, while their invaluable guidance on employee relations and performance management cements our foundation of excellence.

Elevate Your Team, Define Your Future

The future of your organisation commences with the team you nurture today. Let Radley James be the catalyst that propels your company toward unprecedented growth and success. Partner with us to discover the exceptional individuals who will become the driving force behind your organisation’s triumphs.




Paul Garret

As the CEO, Paul is responsible for growing and directing the Radley James business.

An innovative businessman, Paul is motivated by shaping people and building teams across multiple locations and sectors within Technology Quant Research, Trading and Change Management

Chief Financial Officer

Cy Elliott

Cy manages the finance function for Radley James and heads up financial reporting for the UK, USA, Singapore and European businesses.

Cy is responsible for all month end and year end reporting, annual budgeting and forecasts, cash management and taxation whilst ensuring that all the regulatory requirements from the statutory bodies are met. As a fully qualified Chartered Accountant with over 10 years experience in Accountancy Practice and the Recruitment Industry.

Cy particularly enjoys producing useful and insightful management reports, which helps enable effective executive decision making.


Ben Farr

Director level recruiter covering Trading and Software Engineering across hedge funds, banks and FinTechs in the UK and US markets.

Currently leading two of the teams of Radley James that mainly focus on Software Development but also the Quantitative and Machine Learning spaces. One of the key individuals for managing the firm’s big accounts while also focusing on winning new business.

Managing Director – Head of Account Management / Investment Banking

Will Hacking

Will is the Account Director across Radley James’ major accounts globally, predominantly responsible for building and developing our presence within current and new clients to ensure strong, long lasting relationships.
Managing Director - Software Development and Quantitative Trading

Cameron Squire

Cameron Squire is Director of Radley James and is responsible for the oversight of software development and quantitative trading delivery to clients within the United Kingdom (UK) and Europe (EU).

Cameron joined Radley James in 2015 and progressed to Director from entry level in record time. He has organically grown the permanent and consulting business, establishing delivery functions for both the UK and EU. Cameron’s clients within the financial services range from large Global Asset Managers, Investment Banks to smaller boutique FinTech’s and Start-Ups. Cameron prides himself on building solid partnerships with clients/candidates built on communication and unmatched commitment to delivery.

Managing Director | Infrastructure & Trading Technology

Scott Norval

Scott heads up a team of consultants recruiting across IT Infrastructure (Networks, Systems, Databases).

The team cover a diverse range of technology and services including Cloud & DevOps, Application Support, Market Data, QA & Testing.

Director – Europe

Ben Stanyard

Ben specializes in placing contractors across all IT and business functions in the UK and Europe. Working with some of the biggest hedge funds, banks and FinTechs in their respective markets whilst also partnering with start-ups and SMEs. Radley James has always had strong relationships in the contract markets and Ben is continuing to drive our quality and delivery to both candidates and clients, existing and new.
Managing Director – US & Canada

Olivier Rawlings

Director level recruiter covering software engineering, quantitative research and trading positions from hedge funds to proprietary trading firms and investment banks to reputable FinTech firms with a predominant focus on North America.
He is also responsible for managing a number of key accounts in the region and business development into new areas for Radley James. Oli specializes in placing engineers and quantitative finance professionals and has a strong track record in this domain both on the buy-side and sell-side.
Director | US Development & Product

Barnie Moul Director

Since joining Radley James, Barnie has covered all software engineering across the UK and Europe.

He then transitioned into a much more generalist recruiter covering Technology, Quantitative Research and Product across various different locations. He is now focused on maintaining relationships and delivering to key fintech, buyside and sell side accounts across US Development and Product.

Director – Quantitative Finance

Enpu Zhang

Enpu builds quantitative teams for clients around the world, from investment banks and hedge funds to start-ups in a range of industries.
He also specializes in machine learning and data science projects, helping our clients find the top 1% of talent in cutting edge fields.
Operations Director

Charlotte Jeffs

Charlotte is the accomplished Director of Operations at Radley James, specializing in compliance, office management, and executive assistant services. With a deep understanding of regulatory requirements and exceptional attention to detail, she ensures that Radley James meets and exceeds compliance standards. Charlotte's expertise in office management streamlines operations, optimizes processes, and creates a productive work environment. As an Executive Assistant, she flawlessly supports senior executives, managing calendars and confidential information with professionalism and discretion. Charlotte's dynamic leadership style fosters collaboration and empowers team members to reach their full potential, contributing to the organization's success.
Director – Middle East

Volkan Ozbicer

Volkan began his recruitment career at Radley James shortly after graduating in the summer of 2018 under Ben Farr where he focused on software development recruitment. He quickly showed his ability to diversify the roles and regions covered and began working a broad range of roles.

More recently, Volkan specializes in sourcing candidates for software development, trading analytics, and strategist roles across the US and European regions for leading buy and sell side organizations.

HR Director

Claire Dardis

Claire is Radley James Human Resources Director and responsible for all aspects of HR within the company including developing HR strategies, overseeing operations, ensuring, and developing complex compliance requirements, leading HR initiatives, and providing business support.

Claire joined Radley James in 2013, initially working in the compliance team before heading up the Human Resources team.

Director of Digital Marketing (Consultant)

Ludwig Schreiber

As a seasoned Digital Marketing Director, Ludwig brings a unique blend of expertise in B2B Marketing. His experience spans over a decade, during which he has honed his skills in SEO, content creation, data analysis, story-telling, and marketing automation.

Ludwig’s work in branding has led to significant increases in lead generation demonstrating his impact on business growth. In Ludwig’s current position, he oversees a dynamic team of marketers, designing innovative strategies to revolutionise clients’ online presence and boost engagement.

Ludwig values transparency, integrity, and collaboration. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and international experience, having lived and worked in China, Brazil, the US, and now the UK, sets him apart.

Ludwig is a results-driven Director of Digital Marketing, passionate about high-impact campaigns.

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